Nikita Mazepin: A Dick AND a Liar/Shitty Driver

Not only did this spoiled brat of a Russian oligarch break the unspoken “gentlemen’s code” by passing other drivers on the outlap of qualifying – because he’s the spoiled little shit that he is – but he spun in Russian ruble-bought Haas into the wall at turn 3 and attempted to blame it on “avoiding Mick” when he was nowhere near his teammate. A liar, a sexual predator and a shitty driver. #SayNoToMazepin

Gene Haas – I hope you’re getting your money’s worth.

Haas F1, Russia’s First Formula 1 Team

Massive Russian bootlicking by Gene and Gunther… PATHETIC

So… How do you call yourself an American team with the Russian Federation flag draped all over it? How can you call yourself a Formula 1 team when you’ve already foregone the entire 2021 season with no development on the calendar? Is it any wonder why this sorry excuse for a team – which gets its chassis from Dallara and pretty much everything else from Ferrari – continues to be a backmarker? Fuck it being an “American” team. Hope they crash and burn and disappear from F1 altogether.