RevdCars Goes to the 2019 Anime Expo…?

Even a 7.1 magnitude earthquake could not dampen the enthusiasm at this event!

Yeah, this is a bit out of our comfort zone but even old dogs need to learn new tricks. And frankly, these folks are just as passionate about their anime, video games and more as we are about cars and racing. So enjoy this extensive gallery from the 2019 Anime Expo!

(Oh… don’t expect me to explain to you who these characters are. I have practically zero idea, save for a couple I recognize from MCU flicks. )

Anime / Cosplay Conventions: Just Like Car Shows!

I remember the days when a huddled mass of dudes would scream and shout for any number of “import models” to look their way, so they can snap away with their “long” lenses and “big” flashes. I was there to shoot for magazines, be it Import Tuner, Super Street, Modified, C16, HCI, Performance Auto & Sound, Car Audio & Electronics, etc., etc. As for these photo “collectors,” I have no idea what their purpose was. What they intended to do with those photos…

Recently, my friend Les turned me onto anime / cosplay. (FYI, he had the baddest FD3S RX7 back in the day, fully built with Zeal suspension and Endless brakes, exactly the way I like it). Although known about, looks like I’ll be attending my very first one in July – Anime Expo is Los Angeles. It’ll be an assignment of a different sort for mass media outlets, but one thing stood out to me. It’s the same shit as Hot Import Nights! Bunch of dudes (a plethora of dweebs and creepy old men for good measure) huddled around female cosplayers, snapping away for who knows what purpose. Now, anime / cosplay fans are a different breed than car show attendees (I would hope) and most are legit – like my friend Les – but I can help but to wonder about the rest of these “photographers.”

Some of those creepy old guys I mentioned above…

Hot Import Nights: Los Angeles (March 30, 2019)

In what I can describe as a flashback moment, Chris and i decided to visit the first Hot Import Nights of the year. Not to date myself, but I was at the original HIN way back in the day, shot many iterations of this show – HIN, Hot Import Daze, Import Revolution – and so on. Glad to see that there are still some souls passionate about upgrading their car game from the very basic bolt-ons to full engine swaps.

Chris shot some video but you’ll have to wait a bit for that. In the meantime, enjoy the photos below!

F1 Steering Wheels: We Have It Way Easy

Maybe I am getting old. I don’t like all these damn buttons on steering wheels these days. On my Lexus, there are so many buttons that do all sorts of things it seems – voice command (which, by the way, is the worst system ever made… and not just based on my opinion), lane departure warning, “back’ button, volume control, media “mode” and on and on. In my Evo IX, there’s one horn button. Nothing else. Not even a cruise control button because, well, it doesn’t have cruise control.

While I long for days of simplicity in passenger cars, motorsports continues to innovate and revolutionize. Nearly every aspect of performance can be tweaked from the steering wheel, even engine maps – is this why I have an “economy” mode, a “normal” mode, “Sport” mode and a “Sport+” mode for my car? Compared to the typical steering wheel on an F1 race car, however, we have it easy. Way easy.

The Steering Wheel, as Explained by Valtteri Bottas

Donut Media did a fantastic job of visualizing the evolution of the F1 steering wheel in this video for those who are completely green to current racing technology.

Stop Motion Car Build

Building a car is no easy task. Hundreds of hours, sweat, blood and dollars have to be thrown at a project. Imagine, though, stopping at regular intervals to document the build, then putting all those photos together to create one heck of a stop motion video of the build. Well, here’s one that’s bound to blow your mind.

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Asian Drivers: Myth or Reality?

Considering I am Asian myself, it’s a tad disturbing when I hear comments about “Asian drivers.” Let’s just say I don’t fit the stereotype and pretty sure that I can drive circles around 99% of the population out there.

Regardless, even myths and rumors are borne out of reality and truth. Have a look at these accidents on roads in China. Kinda makes you reconsider whether it’s really a myth…

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You Know You’re in America If…

Daniel Lewis

Driving in the US

“Blue Collar” comedian Jeff Foxworthy made his name with the schtick , “You know you’re a redneck…” Carrying on in the same theme, we present… You know you’re in America if…:

  1. Two cars get into an accident and the drivers leave their cars exactly where the crash occurred. They then step out to discuss the accident, creating a traffic nightmare while they discuss the merits of their driving skills and how they didn’t cause the accident
  2. Driving on the left and passing on the right is the norm – we’ve pointed out this painful and excruciating phenomenon in past posts
  3. Everyone slows down for warning lights, even when such action is not warranted
  4. Using your turn signal is completely optional
  5. The car behind you has his highbeams on for no reason
  6. The car in front signals left, yet turns right – or vice versa as the case may be
  7. You see that car by the side of the road, getting a tank of gas from a tow truck – yes, when the fuel gauge lights up it is a wise idea to find a gas station and fill up
  8. You see that jackass driving in darkness without turning on any of his lights
  9. You see a “baby on board” placard in the rear window – what this is supposed to accomplish is anybody’s guess
  10. The biggest heap of junk is being driven as if it’s a Ferrari FXX

Fortunately, the rest of the world isn’t as stupid, oblivious or clueless as we are.

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