A Review – Formula 1: Drive to Survive (Without Ferrari or Mercedes) on Netflix

  • Ferrari and Mercedes did a huge dis-service to the sport by not actively participating – perhaps they think they’re “too good” to take part. Who the hell knows. Sure, they are constantly battling for the driver’s and constructor’s titles and that probably keeps them a little busy. BUT, they have plenty of time to produce and post a bunch of videos on YouTube. So much of the 2018 season is overlooked due to this lack of participation. We merely get flashes of those teams during the documentary, which is awkward or done during press conferences. Bleh.
  • I’ve been following F1 for the past few years and it definitely feels like we’re in the golden age of media coverage. Liberty green-lit all Formula 1 access to go digital and, thankfully we have now come out of the old “get off my lawn” mentality of the archaic legacy Formula 1 ownership. For those who’ve been following F1 a tad longer than I have, here’s a little nugget from 1980 – coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. (that’s right… ONE measly race covered in America… how did you live???!!!)
  • The series is best summarized by Ricciardo in the premiere episode – “My name is Daniel Ricciardo and I’m a car mechanic.” Light-hearted (?), without much meaning and distracted.
  • I am still wondering why Grosjean still has an F1 seat. He doesn’t bring dollars to Haas with any major personal sponsors. And his race performance has been lackluster. Perhaps he knows where all the bodies are buried.
  • Want to see more drama / behind-the-scenes storylines around:
    • Red Bull’s displeasure with Renault engines (or vice versa?)
    • Verstappen vs. Ocon

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