2019 Japanese Classic Car Show

Nostalgia is all the rage these days. Media companies are paying half of a billion dollars for the rights to stream old shows like Friends and Seinfeld; “mom jeans” are back in vogue; fanny packs have magically appeared around the waists of hipsters all around. Perhaps it makes people feel good to relive old times, when things weren’t so complicated, when life wasn’t so unpredictable. Whatever the reasons may be, people are longing for the past.

Perhaps that’s the reason why, or perhaps it’s the showcase of 400+ cars on display, that drove automotive fans to the 2019 Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, CA. Featuring Datsun 510s (many with SR20DET swaps), Z’s, Mazda Cosmos, Toyota Mk1 Supras and much, much more, it was pleasurable walk down memory lane.

Without further ado, enjoy the photos!

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